Whew! And Home Updates.

I sat down today to look at my blog, and realized that it has been over a month since I last posted. This has been a rough summer for blogging. Now, things are slowing down a bit, so I’m going to make an effort to stay caught up on my blogging.

The main reason for the lack of posts is this…

our first home! Husband and I had been talking about and playing around with the idea of buying a house for sometime. We spent time prowling the  real estate websites, looking for the perfect place.

We had a pretty long list of both “needs” and “wants” including 3 or more bedrooms, 2 or more baths, all the bedrooms on the same floor, either newer construction or remodeled  (husband and I are not the “fixer upper” types), central air, dishwasher, good yard, quiet street, etc. Then this place was posted. It’s an old farmhouse, but has been completely redone inside and out. And it was pretty much love at first sight for us. Then we noticed this in one of the 

website photos. (Check out the refrigerator magnets) It appeared that the fates were telling us to buy this house (upon closer inspection, I was unable to tell if the magnets actually did spell out CRAM or CBAM, but either way, it’s a pretty good coincidence. Plus , as an added bonus, it met almost all of the requirements on the list. 

So then began the process of making offers, applying for loans, home inspections, loan underwriting, and closing. 

However, after all that hassle, we moved into our first house at the beginning of August. Moving was fairly uneventful, except for the box spring not fitting up the stairs. Thankfully, a family friend was able to take it apart and reassemble the box spring upstairs. We’ve been busy unpacking and cleaning up the house we had been renting (turned in the keys to that place yesterday). It has been a lot of work, with plenty of work still left to do, but it all has been worth it. 

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