Nutkin V. Nutkin

The May socks have been finished in a timely manner, just not photographed and blogged about until now. 

They turned out quite lovely if I do say so myself. This was the second time that I created socks using this pattern, Nutkin.
Nutkin Sock
Nutkin Sock
These are the original Nutkins, which turned out very lovely as well. I absolutely love how the yarn and pattern work together on this pair. I was pleased, but not as enthralled with the color/pattern combination on the second pair of Nutkins.

However, the Nutkin pattern is not terribly stretchy, so the first pair didn’t go on very smoothly. I really had to yank to get the sock over my heel. It was a lot of work, too much work for a pair of socks, no matter how cute. When making the second pair, I used a half-size bigger needles, which gave me a little more room to pull the socks on and off.

Another problem with the original socks was the cuff. The pattern called for a fold-over cuff. Again, not very stretchy, so I replaced it with a ribbed cuff, which also helped with the fit.

While on the subject of socks, I’m lagging a bit behind on my June socks. Today is the 15th, so technically I should be finished with the first sock. I’m about halfway down the foot, about 3/4 finished with the completed sock, so I’m not too far behind.

June’s sock is knitted in a handdyed sock yarn I bought on Etsy. It is a mixture of yellow, purple, and brown. The pattern is called Petunia Dursley’s Double Eyelet Sock, an one of the many Harry Potter inspired sock patterns that can be found. It’s a pretty simple pattern, easy to memorize to the point of being almost boring, which may be why I’m lagging behind on the knitting. However, I am determined to finish these by the end of June, as that will make 6 pairs of socks in 6 months, which is halfway to my goal (and a pretty impressive feat in its own right). 

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