Better Late than Never

The April socks are completed. Don’t mind the fact that they were not finished until May 10, but they are now finished. 

Mad Colorweave Socks
Mad Colorweave Socks in Dirty Martini by Knitters Brew Company. They turned out pretty cute, I especially like the mini-cables that run down the sides. They are pretty similar to the Paul and Virginia socks I did a couple of months ago, I think in February, but the cables give them a different look.

I’ve also started my May socks, a little late, but they are started. Now, my May socks are a bit of a deviation from the self-imposed sock club. I discovered the yarn during the stash reorganization, and knew I had to make it into socks. The yarn is Tosh Socks by Madelinetosh in the colorway, Frida (a combination of pink, orange, blue, and green).

I started the socks in a pattern called Padfoot, but I didn’t like how the colors were pooling, so I ripped it out (ripping out projects seems to be a common occurrence in this household). I started them again in the Nutkin pattern. I’ve made the Nutkins before and was pretty happy with how they turned out. This time I’m making a brief modification, changing the cuff.
Nutkin Socks

So far, so good. Tomorrow is the 15th, so technically I should be finished with the first sock to stay on target, but I don’t think it is going to happen. Luckily, my cousin gets married tomorrow in Marshfield, so I will have a couple of hours of knit time in the car over the next few days, which is good.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to make good time over the next couple of weeks and get caught up.


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