Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkies

See these beauties?


Yup, they are my March socks, completed. And it is only the 23 of March, meaning I’ve finished the socks with 8 days to spare! Woo-hoo for me! The pattern is Monkey, by Cookie A, and the yarn is a colorway called Babel Fish (Inspired by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) hand-dyed by BunkyBoBo.

While I’ve casted on for the April socks, in a colorway called Dirty Martini, but I’m going to spend more of my knitting time focusing instead on finishing my Lotus Blossom tank. I tend to get so focused on the monthly socks that the tank gets a little neglected. I’ve also built up enough of a stash of scrap sock yarn to add some more squares to my scrap blanket. But I had to start the socks, since they make the perfect “to go” project.


Here’s the yarn for the April socks, by Knitters Brewing Company, but the photo doesn’t do justice to the colors. I’m using the Mad Color Weave Pattern.

Speaking of “to go” projects, awhile ago, I got some project bags from Ravelry, which I am loving! They show the knitting process, from sheep to sock. They work great for toting around projects in my lovely purse/knitting bag.


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