Art Review: The Many Faces of Mrs. Cram

I never really realized that when I entered the teaching profession, I was volunteering myself as a model for budding young artists. But this is another surprising facet of being a teacher. So here are three of the works of art that I have received during this school year.
Exhibit A:
This is a lovely piece created by A, one of my kindergarten students from first quarter of student teaching. The artwork was done in marker on a piece of printer paper, if you look closely, you actually can see a line of symbols that the printer spat out for no apparent reason. Considering the artist, I’m lucky that I have two eyes, a nose, a body, one leg, and arms (even though they seem to be growing out of my head, maybe there not arms, maybe they are ears). This particular artist was a 5 year old with cognitive disabilities whose IEP goals include drawing a person with at least 10 recognizable body parts (and he was at 7 at this point so, not bad).
Now we will move on,
Exhibit B:
MrsCram2 001
This piece was completed by C, one of my seventh grade homeroom students from my second quarter of student teaching. It was completed in pencil on card stock.As you can see, this particular work contains an increased level of detail, down to the heels of my shoes, and the button on my pants. However, I’m a little concerned about the size of my head (and neck) in comparison to the rest of my body and the mutilation of my hand.
Exhibit C:
Completed J, one of the fifth graders that I subbed for today. Also in pencil on card stock. Note again, the increased detail, including the cover of the book (and that’s a balloon, not a sperm, in case you are wondering. This particular drawing also has the most realistic depiction of my current hairstyle, though I feel it portrays me as an angry, evil-looking, ogre, similar to the sub in Miss Nelson is Missing.
I wonder if Lisa (of the Mona Lisa fame) ever felt like this?

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  1. it's blogs like that that make me wish blogger simply had a “like” button like facebook. 🙂 I literally laughed out loud. Thanks for sharing!


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