Olympic Defeat

Well, the 2010 Winter Olympics are over, as are the 2010 Knitting Olympics. And I am disappointed to report that I was not able to meet my goal of completing the Lotus Blossom Tank. I’ve got the lace repeats all done (I did decide to add the additional repeat) and about an inch of stockinette done, which means about 3 more to go before dividing to finish the front and back. Clearly I overestimated my knitting abilities, but hey the Knitting Olympics is all about presenting yourself with a challenge, which I clearly did. (I also blame too many days of getting called in to sub, which seriously ate into my knitting time). 
I also have yet to complete by February socks. I started out so strong with those, but they got put on the back burner for the Olympics. I just have to finish the gusset decreases, foot, and toe on the second sock and those will be done. I’m hoping by the end of this week, which hopefully will give me enough time to finish my March socks. Two months in and I’m already falling behind, but February is a short month, so I’ll go with that excuse.

On the new project front, I’ve fallen pretty much in love with the February Lady sweater. I keep looking at the pattern and at different yarns online. Never mind the fact that I have plenty of projects in my stash to keep me busy for awhile, I’m dreaming of a new project. However, I’ve decided that after the Lotus Tank has been completed, I’m going to work on Hey Teach! a cardigan from knitty. I already have the yarn for that one, but after that, I may look into purchasing some new yarn for the FLS. We’ll see.


  1. Aw! Better luck next time! But still a pretty gosh darm great display!


  2. And that new cardigan is super cool!


  3. It's been on my to-do list for awhile now, but then I get distracted by other things. Knitty has some great patterns, if you ever want to be inspired to knit, it is the place to go (besides my sock drawer) 🙂


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