Namaste Love

I think it is important to post again about how much I love my Numaste bag. It allows me to take my kniiting places where I never would have thought about.

Such as…

Last week, I go to turn in my license application into the university. No big deal just a short jaunt into Brewer Hall, turn in a couple pieces of paper and head out on my merry way. Well, I arrive in the office only to find out that the lady that gets the applications is over at the registrar’s office. Do I have time to wait? No problem, I sit down, pull out my sock and happily knit along.

Or today, when I went into the district office to complete my sub paperwork. The HR lady is at the bank, but no problem, that just means more knitting time for me!

These are both situations where I never would have brought my knitting and would have found myself irratated at having to wait, but thanks to my lovely purse/knitting bag, I was able to pass the time contentedly, stitch by stitch.

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