Namaste Zuma

For my birthday, my in-laws gave me a beautiful, fabulous new purse/knitting bag. Well, actually they gave me money, which I used to purchase this fabulous new bag, the Zuma by Namaste.

Namaste Zuma 1

As you can see it is beautiful, but you may ask what makes it so fabulous? Well, I am happy to tell you.

Fabulous Feature # 1
It is a combination purse/knitting bag. This all but guarantees that I will always have my knitting with me. It also means that I don’t have to make the choice between either hauling both my purse and knitting bag, or taking a knitting project in its individual project bag and knotting it to my purse handles.

Instead, the center compartment is large enough to carry not one, but several knitting projects, along with patterns and notions (which were always a pain to cart around). In addition to safely carrying my knitting projects, notions, and patterns protected from the elements, the inside pocket is also big enough to carry my reusable bags, my checkbook and my camera. I could also toss a book in there is I wanted to. Heck, I could carry my laptop in there (but remember I have a pretty little laptop).

Main Pocket of Namaste Zuma

The front pocket has enough room to carry my wallet, change purse, iPod, cell phone, and lip gloss. And the back pocket has enough room to carry my work keys, name tag, and car keys.

Inside Front Pocket Namaste Zuma

Fabulous Feature # 2
Despite having all of this storage, the bag doesn’t look super huge or bulky. Granted, it is a good sized purse, but I’ve owned bigger ones that have not held nearly as much.

Fabulous Feature # 3
It has a cool, almost retro doctor’s bag look. It doesn’t look like a knitting bag. Not that I’m ashamed about being a knitter, but many traditional knitting bags look like they should belong to a 90 year old woman who knits toilet paper cozies and sweaters for her 53 cats. And there is the added benefit that if no one knows it is a knitting bag, no one will think about mugging me for my handmade socks and squishy wool yarn.

Namaste Zuma 2

Fabulous Feature # 4
The center pocket closes securely, but does not have a zipper. Zippers are a dangerous thing on knitting bags, they snag your yarn. Instead of a zipper, this bag has 4 magnets, pretty strong ones. The design of the bag allows me to hold it upside down when closed and shake it and nothing will fall out.

Fabulous Feature # 5
The main pocket opens wide and stays open. This makes it easy to find things when I’m digging through the contents of my bag.

Fabulous Feature # 6
The bag is made of a vegan material that looks and feels like real leather. Granted, I have no problem with leather, but I would imagine that this would be a selling feature for some people. It really does look and feel like leather, I’ve had people doubt me when I told them that it is not leather.

Fabulous Feature #7
It comes in a variety of great colors. I selected the eggplant color for myself, but the variety of color choices could meet anyone’s taste. I had a hard time selecting between the eggplant and the peacock blue, which was made easier by the fact that I discovered the blue was sold out. The colors of the Zuma coordinate with the rest of the Namaste bags.

In all, there are very few things that I would change about this bag (I’m listing them because I used reviews that came up on blogs when I googled the bag to make the decision and I’d like this entry to help the decision making process for any other consumer that stumbles across my blog). I’d like the main compartment to have some better pockets for organization. There are three pockets on the inside, but they are all too little to be of much use to me. Also, I wish the bottom was a little more sturdier. I feel like the bottom sags a bit when I carry it and a firmer material in the lining of the bag would help that.

Otherwise I would recommend this, or other Namaste bags for knitters looking for a good, stylish, knitting bag. The Zuma is the smallest of the purse/knitting bags collections. I also have the Namaste Buddy Case to hold different notions, which I love. Come to think about it, the Zuma would probably also make a great bag for the non-knitter who hauls a lot in their purse.

Thanks again to my in-laws!

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