Snow Day!

One great thing about going into the field of education, you never outgrow the fun of snow days. Last night a storm came through and dumped a ton of snow (about 12 inches or more) on us. This succeeded in shutting down pretty much all of the local area schools, including mine.

This gave me the opportunity to finally sleep in (and it is a sad, sad world when I consider getting up at 7:30 as sleeping in). Then I settled in and got some wrapping done, so basically all my Christmas gifts are ready to go.


See? My Christmas tree has all kinds of gifts under it, plus the Seattle Christmas box is all packed and ready to be mailed. The gifts under the tree also have the added bonus of keeping the cats out from under there.

I also made sure to take some time to take Pippin out to play in the snow. First he took a moment to take in all the snow (I also think he was looking for his doggie friends that live behind us).


Pippin loves the snow.


After that, I came back inside to get some more stuff, like laundry, done. And as luck would have it, one of the hoses on the washing machine came loose and my bathroom floor ended up covered with water. But we’ve got that all fixed. To end the day, I made a big pot of Chili Chicken Couscous, which is a delicious, hearty meal that’s perfect for a cold, snowy day (and has the added benefit of producing lots of left overs for me to eat for lunch the next couple of days).

Love it or hate it, (and I for the most part love it) winter in Wisconsin is here!

One comment

  1. Pip is still as cute as ever! I still haven't adjusted to the thought of Nicole the morning person 😉


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