Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

It has been awhile since I posted an update on my knitting (or actually an update of any kind for that matter). I’ve been slacking on the sock knitting front, putting the sock on the back burner, for what I consider to be a more immediate need.

First there is this…


Can’t tell what it is? It is a scarf, a long, thin scarf that can be wrapped around my neck several times. The yarn is a sock yarn dyed in shades of black, gray, and white. There are also threads of silver spun into the yarn. It gives it a little sparkle without being too much.

After the scarf, I needed some mittens, enter these…


And up closer…


They are from the book, Knitting New Mittens and Gloves, and called Sheltie Mittens (there is the first sign that I would have to make them). The mittens, roughly inspired by the dual layer coats of Shetland ponies and Shetland sheepdogs, have an outer layer of regular wool (I used Knit Picks Wool of the Anders) knit in an open design so that the inner layer of soft, fluffy alpaca shows through. My inner layer is made using Knit Picks Suri Dream. The inner yarn hasn’t fluffed out quite like I had hoped, but they are on the blocking mat right now, so I hope that helps a little bit.

Lastly, I’ve been doing a little Christmas knitting,


A cardigan sweater for my nephew. The design is called Dax’s Jacket published in the Weekend Knits edition from Interweave Knits. The body of the sweater is done in ten row stripes with the mistake rib stitch pattern. Here it is up close.


Of course the colors never photograph too well, it is actually deep jewel tones of blue and green. I’ve got the front left done, and am working on the decreases for the back. The sleeves, when I get to them, will be done in plain old stockinette stitch with two row stripes. I’d like to find some fun buttons for the front, but I’m waiting until I get to that point before I make a decision on them. I’m hoping to get it done in time for Christmas, but we will see.

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  1. wow, looks great! 🙂 Fun stuff!


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