Halfway Point

Yesterday marked my last day at my elementary school placement. Monday, I head over to the Middle school. I’m not sure what I expected on my last day, but it felt a little bit anticlimactic.  I received lots of well-wishes from the teachers and staff, and hugs and goodbyes from my students. I’m not sure that all my students really got that it was my last day and they weren’t going to see me everyday anymore. (However, I’ll be back for conferences on the 17th, and I’m still in the district, so it’s not like I’m going too far away. I’m going to miss the students and staff, but I am looking forward to starting at the middle school on Monday. I’ve exchanged a couple of emails with my new cooperating teacher and am looking forward to working with him. I’m a little nervous about making the switch from working with early elementary students to working with middle school students. It will be an adventure, though. I’m sure I will learn lots and enjoy the middle school as much as I enjoyed my first placement.


One comment

  1. Good luck!! It was great to see you and Jeff this weekend! love and kisses! 😉


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