It would save alot of time if I just put the pictures in when I posted.

Here’s the promised picture of the Veil of Isis. It has started out pretty well, I think.

Veil of Isis 2 (in progress)

And a little closer…

Veil of Isis 1 (in progress)

I was a little nervous about the Veil of Isis pattern, because it was my first true lace knitting and the pattern was not terribly clear. However, now I think I have things pretty much figured out, and know what I’m doing. The lace knitting hasn’t been too tough so far, the pattern is just a combination of yarn overs, knit two togethers, and slip, slip, knits. It is also great because it is knit in the round, so there are no purls. Considering I’m still working on the Lily Cardigan, which is in stockinette and knit flat and involves long rows of knits followed by loooong rows of purls, it is a pretty fantastic project combination right now. However, I’m totally and completely sick of working on the Lily Cardigan and am tempted to chuck it across the room. But, I will keep plugging away at it, and I will finish it. (Mostly because I’m sure that if I set it aside for awhile, it will get neglected, end up in the bottom of my knitting basket, and will not be thought of again until it is so damanged that I need to rip it out and toss the yarn–not that this has happened).

And the first of sister’s Gillyweed socks.

 Gillyweed Socks

My final knitting project for right now involves a knitting student (yes, I’m a student teacher, a religous education teacher, and now a knitting teacher, I’m a bit of a one hit wonder). One of husband’s cousin’s daughters has asked if I would teach her knitting, and I gladly agreed. Honestly, I think it is a pretty good use of my limited free time. I’ve put some thought into it, and I figure it’s a good way for someone to learn. I have enough spare needles and stashed yarn that she can find out if she likes it before investing in her own needles and yarn. If she does take a liking to it, perhaps some of my yarn that is just sitting there can go to a new and happier home (and for that matter, some of my old needles, too) and I have plently of patterns and books that she would be more than welcome to borrow. However, I’ve also come to the conclusion that if, after a lesson or two, she decides that knitting is not for her, it is not an insult to me. Knitting is not for everyone and it is nothing personal. Either way, it should be a fun time.

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