To Whoever Set off the Fire Alarm Today…

I woke up this morning thinking, “Boy, do I hope I get the opportunity to traipse through the muddy school yard in the rain. I hope I can also take some time to stand under dripping pine trees while we ensure that the building is not really burning down.  And it was a tremendous treat to have three special needs students that I finally got to settle in and focus on their math interrupted, especially so close to lunch. Also, to add to the fun, I was wearing flats, which ensured that my pants ended up more than a little bit wet and muddy. It really made my day.

Aside from the unexpected fire drill, I’m adjusting nicely to student teaching. Lessons with my first grader have been going well. It is difficult for her to sustain attention, so I feel like I’m spending at least half the lesson redirecting and reminding. However, the student is sweet, and easy to work with. It provides a nice break from some of my more challenging kinder students. My co-operating teacher will be gone this Thursday and Friday for a conference, so there will be a sub. It will be interesting to see how that goes. Also, on Friday, my university supervisor will be visiting for an hour. I’m pretty nervous about that.  Thursday will bring its own amout of fun as well, I will be an extra pair of hands on the first grade field trip to the apple orchard in the morning (hope for good weather, the group that went today had rain) and after school, I’ll be driving to Eau Claire for my student teaching seminar. There was a brief moment of hope earlier this week that it might get shifted to next week, but that hope was dashed today. Next week would really be better for several reasons, including a. Jeff has both golf, and Lions this week and it would be nice to have an extra evening to spend at home; and, more importantly b. I’m pretty sure there was some sort of assignment I was supposed to complete, but haven’t even looked at it yet. 

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