The Students are Coming!

Tomorrow is the big day, the first day of school for students. I guess it is a victory to say I don’t feel completely unprepared to meet the students. On the other hand, I definitely don’t feel completely prepared.I now have a couple of inservice days under my belt, and I’m feeling more and more comfortable with the staff at the school. I really feel good about the special ed teachers, they’ve all been great. 

However, Friday brought my first student teaching seminar, which just about gave me a panic attack. I’ve got a long list of things to do in my classroom, including making an audio recording of me teaching. I also have to complete an IEP (individualized education plan, any student recieving special education services has to have one), complete two different progress monitoring tasks, a behavior change plan, and some formal and informal assessments. And that is just the list for the first quarter, come second quarter I have to do it all over again, plus complete a Professional Development Plan (PDP), prepare my Gate 3 materials, and give a presentation on one of the ten Wisconsin Teaching Standards (WTS) (and the standard is assigned, not chosen). The road ahead seems daunting, but hopefully I can accomplish all that I need to. 


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