With less than a week to spare, niece’s airbender hoodie is finished. The sweater has been washed, blocked (it took forever to dry, forever), folded, wrapped, and presented to niece, who was quite happy with it. She calls it her “air nomad sweater.” I have to say, I’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out.


This also gives me the chance to return to knitting other items. I’m still working on the little shell rib socks for Danielle. Progress has been slow, considering my knitting has been focused elsewhere, I’ve just finished the short row heel and am working on the leg of the first sock. Hopefully I’ll also finish up the Lily Cardigan. I’m down to adding length to the bottom, which means rows and rows of stockinette stitch. I’m itching to start another project, but I also know if I start too many other things, I’ll never finish the Lily Cardigan. I’m allowing myself to cast on for a second attempt at a large lace project. I’m going to give the Cheshire Cat Stole another go, but with different yarn. I’ve ordered some Misti Alpaca Lace in the Mojito colorway. The last time I attempted the stole, my needles broke after a couple of inches, then the project got all tangled up, forcing me to abandon the project. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this time comes out better.

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