Day One Done

Today was my first day student teaching at my elementary school placement. Actually, it was an inservice day, so I didn’t really do any teaching, that won’t happen until next Tuesday.

My day started early, with me arriving at my school by 7:20 am. I met up with my supervising teacher, who gave me a tour of a couple of other district schools. Then we wandered about our school for a little while, where she introduced me to many, many staff members. And I can barely remember any names.

Next, we had the school faculty meeting. I was then officially introduced to the entire school, met many more people whose names I will hopefully learn before the quarter ends. I also got to meet the other student teacher, a future art teacher from UW Stout, and then proceeded to spend some time helping my supervising teacher with classroom set up. I also went over the IEPs of some of my students, trying to get at least a little familiar with the names.

This afternoon we had the first round of parent conferences. Between meeting with the parents of some of my students, I assisted parents with filling out forms, and then proceeded to help sort and organize the forms.

The day ended at 6:30 this evening. Tomorrow, I’ll be back at the school at the same time, and then head over to the high school for a district wide kick off breakfast and meeting. I’m hoping to get an opportunity to at least meet my supervising teachers for next quarter from the middle school while we are at the district wide meeting. There will also be another round of conferences tomorrow starting at 3.

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