We Interrupt My Regularly Scheduled Knitting

When I returned from Seattle I had all my summer knitting planned out. I was going to continue work and finish my Lily cardigan, I was going to complete the Shawl that Jazz wrap, I was going to finish some more socks, and I was going to make an Avatar inspired hoodie for Sophie’s birthday in the end of August.

Now the end of July approaches, and I’ve completed a pair of socks this summer and the Shawl that Jazz wrap. The Lily cardigan is still in progress, but the other day I managed to step on one of my beautiful wooden Harmony size 6 needles and, because it was made of wood, it broke. Now the Lily cardigan is on hold until the replacement needles arrives, and as much as I love Knitpicks, their shipping isn’t always super speedy. But that is not what is really bugging me.

Upon arriving home from Seattle in June, I selected a style and design for the hoodie for Sophie. I ordered the yarn (knitpicks, of course) and began searching for a pattern that I wanted. I found the pattern and ordered it. And I’m still waiting for the pattern to arrive. As time ticks away until Sophie’s birthday, I know that I need to through myself into the project full force when it arrives, which makes me hesitant to start any other large projects. That is also bugging me, as I have several great projects on deck.

So I’m killing time working on little “filler” projects. I knit up a bat shell for Sophie’s turtle. I knit Petra a pair of baby legwarmers (which turned out adorable), and now I’m focusing some energy in my scrap sock yarn blanket. It is coming along pretty well, although very slowly. The width is about halfway to where I want it, and then I can start building up the length. While I’m working on it, however, I fret about not getting Sophie’s cardigan done in time for her birthday.

I’ll update with pictures of the blanket and legwarmers once I get them off of my camera and onto flickr.

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