Photos, as Promised

Just like I promised yesterday, here are some new photos of my latest knitting projects.

Here are the legwarmers for Petra. They turned out adorable, and I love the colors. They are actually much more vibrant than they appear to be in this photo:

And here are some updated photos of the scrap sock yarn blanket. The first two rows are really coming along nicely. It has a patchwork quilt look that I really love.

And here is a little closer view of the a few of the squares:

Someday, in the far, far future this will turn into a lovely blanket.

And, in case you’re wondering, no, the pattern for Sophie’s hoodie has not yet arrived.

One comment

  1. These are all so fanTASTic! I would like a pair of mukluks :)jk! seriously though…that blanket will have heirloom quality!


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