Third Time’s the Charm

I’ve been working on a new pair of socks since finishing the black lace socks. I was excited about the yarn, (Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock) and wanted to find a pattern that would work for it. So I casted on, and got to the heel turn, and gave up. The I selected another pattern, casted on, worked a couple of inches, and gave up. Then I selected yet another pattern, RPM from Knitty, and viola, new socks! I finished the pair in less than two days. It is amazing how quickly socks go when I am enjoying the pattern and the yarn (not to mention when I don’t have silly things like classes and homework to take up my time).

I’m continuing on the Lily Cardigan, and have just finished the waist decreases. I’ll keep plowing away on that, but Sophie wants some new shells for her turtle, Danielle wants some legwarmers for baby Petra, I promised some socks for Sophie, and I have Sophie’s birthday knitting to do. I’d also like to cast on for Shawl that Jazz, a really cute wrap pattern that I already have the yarn for and am set to go.

I’m also trying to decide whether or not to make a shower gift for my friend, Kari’s, baby shower. But, since the shower is the beginning of August, I’m leaning towards buying a shower gift and possibly making something for when the kidlet is born at the end of October.

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  1. …or middle of August….whatever! lol


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