Ah, Summertime

Many people are big fans of summer, however, I am not. I absolutely detest hot weather, and it is only June and the highs are already in the upper 80’s. Add on top of that the insane humidity that comes with and I would take the cold of Wisconsin winters, with 30 below windchills over this any day.

To combat the rash of crankiness I experience during the summer, husband and I decided to go out tonight and get a little portable air conditioner. It has been running for a little over an hour and already it is feeling better in here.

The heat is also hampering my progress on my knitting. The last thing I want to do is to think about sweaters, socks, and wool when it is this warm. I’m hoping that the air conditioner helps to further my progress on my projects.

I’ve finished the sleeves of the Lily cardigan and am now working on the waist decreases. I’m beginning to worry that I will run out of yarn, but I still have five balls left. I thought that I ordered at least one extra ball when I ordered the yarn, but I’m still concerned. Also, I have an official timeline. The date for Silas’s baptism has been set for September 19. I’d like to have the cardigan finished to wear over my dress on that day. (besides having the extra time, not having the baptism until September also makes it more likely that the weather will allow me to wear the sweater.

I’m still working on the mad color weave socks. I have a couple more pattern repeats before the heel flap of the first sock to go. Without school and traveling, my progress on socks, which I deem my ‘travel projects,’ has slowed. It will become my breakroom knitting for days I work a shift that gives me a real break.

I’d like to make progress on these projects however, I am positively itching to cast on “Shawl that Jazz” in a cotton and silk blend from Misti Alpaca. The yarn I have is a hand-dyed colorway aptly (for me) named Wisconsin. Actually the name is pretty fitting, the yarn is a combination of hues of brown and green, all which are present in the Wisconsin country side, with a little bit a red mixed in, which reminds me of cranberries. The yarn should produce a shawl that would also look great with the brown dress I have for Silas’s baptism, so maybe that is reason enough to cast on.

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