Avatar Knitting.

After a brief trip to Seattle and a four day intensive summer class, I am just know beginning to feel like summer has actually started. And how am I celebrating the first day of true summer? Drinking coffee and watching Avatar, a cartoon. My oldest niece, Sophie is a big fan of Avatar, and I’m searching for inspiration for a knitting project for her birthday at the end of August.

Currently, I’m leaning toward a grey hooded cardigan with arrows down the sleeves and on the hood, and the symbol of the air nation on the chest. (The arrows will match Ang’s markings on his head and arms.) Now, I’ve just got to figure out how to engineer the whole thing. I’m not even sure where to start, but calling my sister to get Sophie’s size sounds like a good start. I also might try to make a flying six legged bison stuffie for Sophie as well, but I’m not sure about that.

I also searched ravelry and found a blanket design with the four element symbols. The main problem is that it is crocheted, but I think I can use the photos to create a knit chart for it. For that process, I’m thinking of modifying some double knit patterns similar to Petra’s baby blanket. But I’m leaning toward the hoodie right now.

Progress on my Lily cardigan is slow going. I’m almost done with the sleeve decreases, which hopefully means that I’m almost done with the sleeves. My original goal was to have the project finished in time to wear to Silas’s baptism. The date hasn’t been set for the baptism has not been set, but I’m still not entirely confident that the cardigan will be done on time. (Especially if I get distracted by a project for Sophia.

Thankfully, I have managed to finally finish my clover lace socks. Knitting black socks is so boring! I’m not sure if I would have ever finished them if I hadn’t had the plan ride to and from Seattle to work on them. I’m now casted on a pair of mad color weave socks (rav. link), using Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn in Maureen. Those are going much more quickly than the black socks.

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