Scrap Sock Yarn Blanket

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I’ve been looking for a way to use up the unused remains of sock yarn that I just can’t seem to throw away. After searching ravelry, I settled on the Scrap Yarn blanket, which is made up of a bunch of little squares that require very little yarn to create. I started working on my first couple of squares, and have been pleased with the results.

This is a great project for me because: 1) the squares take very little time to knit, great for my short attention span, 2) I can set aside this project for extended periods of time and pick it up again with little thinking, 3) I can make a blanket without spending any additional money, 4) the finished project will be fun, pretty, and brightly colored, 5) it is a perfect excuse to knit a lot of socks.

However, I failed to consider: 1) these squares are little, it will take FOREVER to make this blanket, 2) they don’t use up much yarn, so it will be awhile before I am able to finish off any yarn, 3) after I create enough squares to make the first row, I begin to join squares together, which will make the project pretty non-portable, 4) there are going to be a TON of loose ends to weave in, and I hate weaving in ends, 5) because there will be multiple squares of each color, and because I’m building the blanket as I go, there are going to be groupings of each sock yarn color, which may make the finished product look bad (or good, I’m holding out for good), 6) I’m going to have to knit a lot of socks.

At any rate, it is going to keep me occupied for some time. As I start a new project, I can’t help but consider that right now I should be spending less time on knitting, and more on finishing the semester. Each evening it seems like I have less and less time to spend on knitting. But the end of the semester is fast approaching, and summer should see a dramatic increase in the amount of time I can spend knitting.

The end of the semester cannot come soon enough, though when I think about the amount of stuff I have to do, it will probably also come too soon.

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