Basic (or Boring) Black (Project Talk)

After a day of Doctor Who, homework, and knitting; (more knitting than homework…perhaps I would be less stressed if I prioritized better) I’ve finished the Show-off Stranded Socks. They turned out absolutely beautiful, perhaps they will be my favorite socks. The yarn and pattern worked wonderfully together. I’m also including finished photos of the finished baby blankets for my niece and nephew. I’m pretty happy with how they both turned out.

So, finishing one pair of socks of course means that I will be starting on another pair. Instead of using one of my many, many beautiful handdyed sock yarns, I’m making ones out of some basic black sock yarn. (well, actually kettle dyed sock yarn, so there is some variation in the color of the yarn, but not much) I’m going to do a cloverleaf lace rib design to add some interest, but these socks have the potential to be very, very boring. I’m also continuing to work on the Lily cardigan, I’m a few rows short of dividing the body from the sleeves. I’d also like to get a start on the blanket I’m going to make out of all my scraps of sock yarn. It is basically a patchwork of little diamonds. It will be a long term project, but it is a good use for my scraps of sock yarn. I am anxiously awaiting summer so I have more time to devote to my knitting. I’ve got a pile of projects on my to do list.

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