Shala’s Birthday Festivities

February 6th marked the birthday of dear friend (and, bless her heart, fellow Doctor Who fan) Shala (upper right corner of the picture), which was reason to celebrate enough. However, when you consider that Shala is usually the caretaker/designated driver of the group when we hit the bars, we decided that we needed to tear up the town in honor of Shala’s emergence into the world.
The evening started with Reish and I driving up to Shala’s LaCrosse apartment, bringing a lovely fish cake from Linda’s bakery. We headed to dinner (after eating a piece of cake, of course) where we met up with Emily (and Katie, but she left after the comedy show, so she is not in the picture). After dinner, we headed to a place called Howie’s for a comedy show. I was less than excited about stand up comedy, given that I don’t really like comedians (ok, I don’t like comedians who don’t host The Bugle podcast, and I was pretty sure niether of those two were going to be preforming at Howie’s with a $5 cover charge), however, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I do like comedy and had a good time (not that I wouldn’t have had a good time anyway, given that I wasn’t at work or at school and there was beer). We then headed out to various bars in LaCrosse (after stopping back at Shala’s for another piece of cake). The bars were filled with mostly college student, which suceeded in making me feel very old. But again, there was beer…and booze…and shots…and fishbowls, which made for a morning spent on Shala’s bathroom floor.

All in all, it was a much needed girls night out.

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