A Break from Regularly Scheduled Programing

So that plan not to buy any new yarn…that didn’t go so well. Even though I love my current laptop cover, (which I knit for myself not ever six months ago) I found a kit for one on knitpicks that I absolutely had to have. Plus a new kit of costumes for Sheldon the Turtle came out, and I’m planning on making one for my niece, Sophie, for Christmas, and possibly my cousin’s daughter Emily, seeing as I will have enough yarn for two Sheldons now. Anyway, so I already have the Sheldon Occupations Costumes, but decided that Sophie also needed the animal costumes for her turtle. And, of course, because I was already buying yarn, I added some sock yarn to the purchase as well.

In addition to buying more yarn, I decided that every year during both Advent and Lent, I would not knit anything for myself. I can work only on gifts for others or charity knitting during those times. (But, to be completely fair, I only have one thing for myself on needles right now, so I’m not always the self-centered knitter that I may sometimes seem to be.

Moving day is Saturday, and I should have spent the morning getting ready to move, (the process can be described as slow at best) however, I instead had to be in Eau Claire at nine this morning to do a 20 minute assessment on two of the students in my placement for Sped 431. I was out of there by 10 am, and don’t have class until 1. That’s three hours that could be better served by doing something else besides wasting time in the computer lab, blogging, playing on facebook, and updating my google calender. Hopefully, once this move is over, I’ll get back to blogging more, as even if nobody is reading it, I find the process quite cathardic.

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