Busy Busy Busy

I haven’t been updating as much as I would like to, but it’s been busy around here. Between school, work, random home stuff, and getting ready to move, there has been little time for outside activities.

I started another placement for school, my Sped404 class. This placement is a few weeks on and a few weeks off, so I’m set for a break from the placement after this week. I’ve been in an elementary school resource room. There have been good days and bad days and I’ve met some interesting characters there. Everything else aside, I’m looking forward to being able to sleep in some next week.

Placement aside, school’s been keeping me pretty busy. I feel like a lot of my free time is devoted to school work. I’ve found some free time to get into The Monsters of Templeton. It is a pretty good book, I just wish I had more time to read it.

I’ve been getting very little knitting done. I’ve still got my banded peasant blouse on the needles, it is quickly becoming the project that won’t end. I’m also working on an afghan for Danielle’s Christmas present (okay, it was going to be birthday, but there is no way I’ll ever get it done in time). It is a circle afghan done in shades of blue, cream, and brown. I’m also working on some striped mittens for the daughters of one of my co-workers. I made the same co-workers some fun Halloween fingerless gloves that turned out pretty cute. I’ve got a long list of projects that I would like to start, but now I’m waiting for the move to be done before I get started on any of those. However, many of those projects might get put on hold, first for Christmas knitting, and then for a beautiful laptop cover kit that I saw on the knitpicks website. It is multicolored in shades of red and I’d love to make it. The kit will be available to order tomorrow, but I most likely should wait until we move to order it.

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