Grumble, grumble, grumble

So, I’m continuing work on the banded peasant blouse, which I’m still very excited about. However, I’m beginning to doubt my yarn choice. I’m currently working with Esprite, by Elann yarns. It is a cotton yarn with a bit of elastic, which I thought would be good to provide some stretch, but I didn’t count of the yarn being that stretchy, I’m not even sure if the design will show up in this yarn. I’m considering switching yarns, but I couldn’t really find the colors that I liked in any other yarns. Perhaps, I’ll keep the esprite for the neck and arm bands, and switch to something for less stretch for the body of the shirt. Or, maybe I’ll just keep knitting (I’ve only got a couple of inches done) and see how it looks.

I’ve finished one of the lilypad socks and I love it. I love the color, the texture, and the fit. I’m going to cast on the mate for it tonight, I think. Jeff is coming with when I take Mom and Dave to the airport, so he’ll insist on driving, giving me time to work on it. I’ll also take it along to Kenosha, even if I end up driving, and maybe get a bit done.

I’ve totally given up on the Nemo fish being done in time to ride to Seattle with Mom. I’ve got to spend tomorrow morning (or tonight) cutting the mats that I told Danielle were done. Maybe I’ll put the sock on hold, and try to get the fish done. I feel bad about it, but starting the project I only had size 3 bamboo straights, which I hate. Now I’ve borrowed some circulars from Mom and have my own on order. On second thought, even if I work on it, I don’t think I’d get it done, I’ve got the body almost done, but have all the fins (5 or 6 of them) left. Oh, well, we’ll see.

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