Devil Cats and Other Irritations

First of all, I’m pretty sure that my cats together are the devil. (No one is smart enough on his/her own to be the devil) No matter what I do with my yarn, it ends up all over the basement. I shut it in the closet, pile it in boxes, store it on shelves, and seal it in plastic bags and still they get it.

And they can smell out yarn. I returned from a shopping trip to Herrschners in Steven’s Point with my mom and aunts, and had a bag with four balls of sock yarn and two balls of cotton dishcloth yarn. I set it on the counter top, and it took Minerva not even ten minutes before she was chewing a hole in the paper bag. Perhaps a bank-style vault would keep the cats out of my yarn stash.
Today, I had the perfect day planned out. I got up when Jeff left for work, and planned on drinking coffee and working on my knitting for the majority of the day. I also have the leftovers from Wednesday’s Ghost Hunters Marathon to watch. Unfortunately, this plan was not to be. I made the mistake of returning a call to work and some how was talked into coming in for three hours in the middle of the day to help with the arrival of the stupid special edition of Sports Illustrated.
So my progress on my projects is not what I hoped. I currently have Sophie’s Nemo fish started, the banded pesant blouse from Interweave Knits, and am working on socks. I’ve totally fallen in love with sock knitting, and I’m pretty sure I’ll usually have a sock on my needles from now on.
I needed a pair of size 2 dpns, so I bought the Harmony dpns from Knit Picks and I am as in love with them as with the interchangable needles. I’ve also ordered size 2 and size 3 circular needles to add to my collection.
Wednesday is going to be a happy day. Spring break is next week, so that means after class today, I will not have class for what works out to be two whole weeks. For some reason we don’t have classes on Easter Monday, which I swear we have in the past, but I’m not complaining. I’m secretly hoping that I won’t be scheduled to work too terribly much, so I can get some quality knitting and reading time in.
I’m planning on retackeling 100 Years of Solitude, which I’ve now started twice, and given up on twice. Actually, the second time I stopped because I got distracted and had other things to do, so wasn’t bored with the book. The first time, I was pretty bored with the book mainly because I hadn’t been paying enough attention to follow the story or characters. So, big plans for Spring Break, which will also contain driving Mom and Dave to the airport, picking up Mom and Dave from the airport, and going with Shala to visit Kari in Kenosha, for a little early St. Patrick’s Day celebration.
The quote to sum up this week, “I can’t stop drinking the coffee; I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing, the walking and the words putting into sentance doing.” (Lorelai Gilmore from the “Luke Can See Her Face” episode of Gilmore Girls.

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