Resolutions & Yarn Storage

Today, I have decided, it will be done, I will finish my wicked sweater. I have 6 rows left on the cuff of the left sleeve, this is getting silly, I need to sit down and finish it. No more excuses, tonight (even if the group meeting I have this evening runs late, and I don’t get home until late…I’m finishing this sweater.

Then, I need to start Sophie’s clown fish. It is going to be done in time to catch a ride to Seattle with mom, so that is going to be my next main project, though I may start a pair of socks for more portable knitting, and I need a new bag to tote my portable knitting seeing as someone (I suspect Lily) decided to chew a hole in my old one.

I am also itching to start the Banded Peasant Blouse featured in the Spring 2008 issue of Interweave knits. I ordered yarn for it on Saturday, so I’m allowing myself to start that when the yarn arrives. (Provided I have made sufficient progress on the clown fish).

My longer term to do list includes 2 pairs of pedicure socks with gift bags, (by mother’s day for mom and my mother-in-law), a white cardigan for Sophie’s baptism (which is in June), a circle afghan for Danielle’s birthday (November, or I would be willing to push that one to Christmas), my advent calender, which will be done by next Christmas, and a circle jacket for Sophie, hopefully for her birthday in August, but more realistically for Christmas. And someday I will pick up on the wrap sweater that I haven’t worked on since my trip to Seattle for Sophie’s first birthday (and she’ll be four in August).

I’ve also purchased yarn for two or three more sweaters, 2 bags, a scarf, and several pairs of socks. I’ve got to sort out the projects that have a specific deadline from the projects which seem just to be hanging out with no deadline. The problem is, I really hate giving myself a dead line for projects. It just makes knitting seem like too much work. (which is also why I end up in a frenzy right before Christmas, trying desperately to finish gifts on time) Maybe the real problem is I shouldn’t knit for others and just be selfish and keep everything for myself, but that is not likely at all.

On another note, I’m working on reorganizing my yarn stash. I discovered a leftover bookcase that hasn’t been touched since we moved. I moved it into the closet of my craft room. I currently have the yarn piled on the shelves, arranged by weight. The next step, I think is to get some bins or baskets to keep the yarn on the shelves in and safe from cat claws (especially since Bode has apparently taught Minevra how to open the closet door) I’m also trying to mark the yarn that was purchased for a specific project to keep it seperate from the yarn that I’ve picked up with nothing in particular in mind for it.

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