Knitting as a Diet Plan

Since being diagnosed with PCOD last summer, I’ve been trying to shed some extra pounds, which is supposed to help ease some of the discomfort from the cysts. Anyways, the main problem I’ve been running into, is I often eat when I’m bored and eat without really realizing what I’m doing.

However, my interest in knitting was rekindled this fall, largely thanks to finally gettting onto Ravelry. I’ve noticed that since this renewed interest in knitting, I’ve found that I’ve been dropping pounds a little easier.

It seems to work out because knitting can keep both my mind and hands busy. Unlike some of my other hobbies, knitting makes it impossible to eat while working. Also, if I’m bored and think that I’m getting hungry, I sit down and knit a couple of rows and see how I feel after that. My renewed enthusiasm for knitting has helped me to cut down on my snacking. Pretty nifty.

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